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Sugary Soda Can Cause Fatty Liver Disease

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,
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In addition to the harm sugary soda does to body weight, the drinks can damage your liver. Among 2,634 adult participants in a long-term heart disease study, researchers found that 17 percent had fatty liver disease, a condition associated with type 2 diabetes and obesity that can also lead to liver cancer or liver failure. Twelve percent of the total study group reported drinking sugary sodas daily. The odds of having fatty liver rose with the amount of sugary soda consumed, with a 55 percent greater risk for daily drinkers compared with those who never drank sugary soda. Diet soda did not have that effect. The effect was greater in overweight and obese people, who may benefit most from giving up the sugary drinks. 
Source: Journal of Hepatology, published June 5, 2015



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