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People to Know 2015

Meet 13 diabetes superstars on our radar

nick jonas

Nick Jonas
Photograph by Andrew Zaeh

There’s no shortage of good people doing great things in the diabetes world. Take, for instance, this year’s People to Know. They’re raising awareness, providing care, developing new tech, and proving that people with diabetes don’t have to live ho-hum lives.

And they’re not alone.
 Your doctor, diabetes educator, family and friends—they’re
all worthy of recognition.

As are you.

Read about the 13 extraordinary people listed below, then head back here to share your story. In the comments, tell us about yourself or the person in your life who deserves the People to Know title.

Nick Jonas

Cedric the Entertainer

Lisa Schrenk

Chris Clark

Marina Tsaplina

Hunter Sego

Santosh Gupta, MD

The mySugr Team

Tim McGraw

Pat LeGrand

Rufus Dorsey

Niki Mani

Edward Damiano, PhD

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