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Type 1 Diabetes Increases Fracture Risk

By Miriam E. Tucker ,

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Type 1 diabetes increases the risk for fractures beginning  in childhood, researchers say. They compared fracture rates of 30,394 people with type 1 diabetes with those of 303,872 people of the same age and sex without diabetes. The risk for fractures was higher in those with type 1 diabetes at all ages: The highest fracture risk was seen in men ages 60 to  69 and women ages 40 to 49, both having double the risk of those without diabetes. But even those younger than 20 had a significant 14 percent greater fracture risk if they had diabetes. Talk to your doctor about how to preserve bone health and if you would benefit from a bone density test.
Source: Diabetes  Care, published online  July 27, 2015



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