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Replace Sitting With Standing for Health

By Miriam E. Tucker ,


Too busy to exercise? Turns out just standing instead of sitting can help improve several measures of health, including blood glucose control for those with diabetes.  In a study of 698 adults with and without diabetes who wore activity monitors for a  week, replacing two hours per day of sitting with standing reduced fasting blood glucose levels by about 2 percent, triglycerides (an unhealthful blood fat) by 11 percent, and  the ratio of total to “good” (HDL) cholesterol by 6 percent. However, you probably  will need to move if you want to lose weight because that didn’t change significantly with simple standing. Trading sitting for “stepping,” on the other hand, reduced  body mass index (a measure of weight to height) by about 10 percent.
Source: European Heart Journal, published online July 30, 2015



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