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Red Strider: Leslie D. Davis

red strider leslie davis

Leslie D. Davis, 44, Chicago
Photograph by Callie Lipkin

Diabetes Stats:

Diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2003 when pregnant with her son, Niel, now 11. (Her daughter, Ellyss, is 8.)

She says:

I now have type 1 diabetes. I manage my diabetes with a pump and exercise.” 

Step Out Experience:

Her team, TYOL (The Year of Living), is made up of family, friends, coworkers, and clients, and has raised more than $40,000 in the past 5 years through Step Out and other ADA events. “The name embodies how I feel about every year: Time is not promised. Every day and every year we should live like it might be our last. I am extremely proud of my team and their commitment to me and the ADA.”


“It is important to me and my family that a cure is discovered. I am benefitting from the medical advances made in diabetes care and management through the funding and research provided by the Association. I am hopeful that with additional funding and research people living with diabetes can be cured or, at the very least, live a quality life until a cure is found!”

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