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Red Strider: Jared Kuper

red strider jared kuper

Jared Kuper, 14 1/2, Northbrook, Illinois
Photograph by Callie Lipkin

Diabetes Stats:

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April 2009. Kuper tests his blood glucose about 15 times a day and wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

He Says:

“Technology has surely made my life easier, but it is not a cure. Machines cannot replace the human body’s ability to monitor and correct blood sugars. I am still worried about long-term damage to my body as well as real concerns about dying in my sleep.”

Step Out Experience:

Kuper has participated in six Step Out events. His Team Koops (with about 300 participants, including his parents, two sisters, other relatives, friends, and school nurses) has raised $150,000, the majority through Step Out walks.


“Knowing that the money goes to finding a cure as well as advocacy, diabetes educational campaigns, and camps for kids with diabetes makes me proud to be associated with such a worthwhile event.

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