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Red Strider: Caryn Cross Hawk

red strider caryn cross hawk

Caryn Cross Hawk, 56, Chicago
Photograph by Callie Lipkin

Diabetes Stats:

Diabetes has affected many members of Cross Hawk’s family, and in 1988 she was diagnosed with type 2. She manages with an insulin pump, oral medications, power walking, bike riding, and other physical activities.

Step Out Experience:

Cross Hawk founded the Diabetes Education and Support Ministry of Bryn Mawr Community Church and is captain of the church’s Step Out team. They’ve raised more than $60,000 in 14 Step Out events. Cross Hawk, also a Red Rider in Tour de Cure®, has been a Step Out Champion (raising more than $1,000 as an individual) five times. “I am proud of and grateful for the tremendous support that my family—especially my husband, son, and mother—friends, church, and health care providers have provided to our ministry and team.”


It is important for people living with diabetes to be engaged in raising awareness about diabetes and to do our part to raise money to contribute to funding the research to find the cure. Participating in the walk also provides other benefits, including great exercise, camaraderie, and opportunities to meet and interact with others who are either dealing with or concerned about the same issues.”

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