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Once-Weekly Weigh-Ins Help Weight Loss

close-up of african american feet on weight scale

Stepping on the scale is a good way to monitor your weight-loss progress, but how often should you do it? To find out, researchers tracked weight and weigh-ins (via a mobile phone app) for 117 overweight or obese adults participating in a work-based weight-loss program for one year. Overall, the more often they weighed themselves, the more likely they were to lose weight. Those who stepped on the scale every day lost weight, while less-than-weekly weigh-ins were associated with weight gain. Researchers caution, though, that this doesn’t apply to everyone. For some, frequent weighing can be frustrating. Still, waiting more than a week between weigh-ins will likely bring back the pounds.  
Source: PLOS One, published online Dec. 18, 2015



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