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Eat Whole Grains to Live Long

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Eating whole grain foods like wheat bread and bran cereal might help you live longer. Researchers examined results from two large studies of more than 100,000 male and female health professionals from the mid-1980s until 2010. During that time, nearly 27,000 died. After accounting for factors such as age, smoking status, and weight, those who ate more whole grains were less likely to die overall and less likely to die of heart disease specifically. For every daily serving of whole grains (averaged out over the study period), there was a 5 percent lower risk of death and a 9 percent lower risk of death from heart disease. Eating whole grains didn’t make a difference in risk of death from cancer, however. Though the study doesn’t prove cause and effect, it shows the importance of picking whole grains while meal planning. Choose, for example, a half cup of cooked brown rice or a slice of whole wheat bread instead of white rice or bread. Aim for 48 grams of whole grains daily.
Source: JAMA Internal Medicine, published online Jan. 5, 2015



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