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Cancer Affects Diabetes Care

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,
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When a person with diabetes is diagnosed with cancer, blood glucose management may take a back seat. That’s what researchers found when they compared the medical records of 3,281 people with diabetes and cancer and those of 12,891 people with diabetes who did not develop cancer. At the time of cancer diagnosis, there was a 6 percent drop in diabetes medication use compared with the other group during the same point in time. The study didn’t examine the reasons people stopped taking their medications, however, so it’s hard to know whether people forgot their daily doses, prioritized cancer treatment over diabetes management, or reduced their medications at their doctor’s urging when cancer drugs caused loss of appetite. The researchers stress the importance of communicating with the doctors who manage both diabetes and cancer care—and making sure those doctors are talking to each other.     
Source: Diabetologia, published online Jan. 29, 2015



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