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By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director , ,

The American Diabetes Association needs your help. Too many people have diabetes and don't know it. Too many others have prediabetes.

More than 8 million people in the United States are living with diabetes but aren't aware that they have it.

An additional 86 million—or nearly one in three American adults—have prediabetes, which means they’re at much higher risk of developing type 2.

Will you help us reach them?

On American Diabetes Association Alert Day®—March 24 this year—we encourage the American public to take a quick test.

The test takes about one minute to complete and asks a few simple questions about family history, age, race and ethnicity, and weight. It immediately scores the answers to indicate whether a person has a high or low risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

People at high risk are urged to discuss the results with a health care provider. And, no matter the score, we’re all invited to take healthy steps and be active. One great way to do so is to sign up for a Step Out®: Walk to Stop Diabetes® event, held in communities across the country this fall.

Those of us who already know what it means to live with any type of diabetes don’t need to take the test, but we can be influential. For now, we don't have a way to prevent type 1 diabetes, although researchers are working hard to figure out that challenge. But we can help raise awareness of undiagnosed cases of diabetes and spread the word on how to prevent or delay type 2. Thank you for sharing and caring.


Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type1
Twitter: @KellyRawlings
*Person with diabetes

Take the Risk Test

March 24 is American Diabetes Association Alert Day, a wake-up call to take the Diabetes Risk Test. The campaign continues through April 21 (and beyond—the risk test is available year round). Please share this link with the people in your life: diabetes.org/risktest2015.



Take the Type 2
Diabetes Risk Test