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Advertised Grocery Items: Empty Calories

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,
close-up of brightly colored coupons


Do you use newspaper circulars to decide what to buy at the grocery store? If so, you might want to pay attention to the nutritional value of the foods they promote. Researchers analyzed over 9,000 food items advertised in weekly grocery store circulars throughout 2009. The bulk of the promoted items were protein and grains. Of concern, 16 percent of all foods were considered “empty calories,” with about one-third containing solid fats and two-thirds added sugars. U.S. dietary guidelines say that fruits and vegetables should make up at least half of a person’s plate, but only 7 percent of the advertised items were fruits and 8 percent veggies.
Source: Nutrition Journal, published online Sept. 23, 2014



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