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8 Million U.S. Adults Have Diabetes, Don’t Know It

By Miriam E. Tucker ,
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More than 8 million Americans have diabetes but don’t know it—and not necessarily for lack of health care. In a nationwide study of nearly 9,000 randomly selected adults, researchers found that 400 had undiagnosed diabetes. Of those, 84.5 percent said they had a health care provider, and 66.5 percent reported making at least two office visits in the past year. The researchers say this care gap may have to do with concerns about insurance coverage for a diagnostic diabetes test or a lack of time when a person is visiting a doctor for a known reason. If you don’t already have diabetes, take the ADA’s online risk test (diabetes.org/risktest2015) to see if you should ask your provider about a diagnostic test. 
Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, published online Nov. 17, 2014



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