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If you’re struggling to make ends meet and have lots of prescription drug costs, several organizations can also help you to save money on your medications or search out assistance programs.

  1. FamilyWize: This program works with pharmacies to provide members with prices similar to those that large insurance companies and employers receive. All Food and Drug Administration–approved brand name and generic drugs are included in the program. Anyone is eligible for the free prescription card: people with and without insurance, plus those on Medicare or Medicaid. The card has no expiration date. familywize.org, 1-800-222-2818.
  2. GoodRx: This website and smartphone app compares prescription drug prices at pharmacies nationwide, so you can fill yours wherever it’s cheapest. Get pharmacy coupons and a free savings card that’ll help you get medication discounts at many U.S. pharmacies. goodrx.com, 1-888-799-2553.
  3. Needy Meds: This organization provides information on pharmaceutical and health care assistance programs. needymeds.org, 1-800-503-6897.
  4. Partnership for Prescription Assistance: This service helps people find the best public or private prescription assistance programs for discounted or free medications. pparx.org, 1-888-477-2669.
  5. Rx Assist: This site houses a comprehensive database of pharmaceutical assistance programs that may be able to provide you with discounted or free prescription medications. rxassist.org.
  6. Rx Hope: This group acts as an advocate to help you get your prescription medications for free or for a small co-payment. rxhope.com, 1-877-267-0517.
  7. Together RX Access: This program ended in 2014, but offers information for people looking for prescription assistance.
  8. Medication Discount Card: This resource offers a free card that can help you save between 10 and 85 percent on name brand and generic prescription medications. Anyone can sign up and the card never expires. medicationdiscountcard.com

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