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Moving Past Test Strip Limits

group of blue glucose test strips


So your insurer has placed a limit on the number of strips covered each month. Take heart: There may be a way around the test strip limit—provided you prove those extra strips are necessary. Here’s how it works:

  1. Talk to your provider about your testing needs. If you decide together that more frequent testing would help you better manage your blood glucose, get ready to prove it to your insurance provider.
  2. Most insurers, including Medicare, require proof of medical necessity. Depending on your insurer, you may need to fill out a form, send documentation from your doctor that justifies more frequent testing, and/or provide evidence (such as blood glucose logs) that shows you’re using the supplies.

Keep in mind: You’re not guaranteed approval. For various reasons, an insurer may decide extra tests (and the strips they require) aren’t essential for your good diabetes management.

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