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Diabetes Advocate: Cynthia E. Muñoz, PhD, MPH

Cynthia E. Muñoz, PhD, MPH
Los Angeles

Cynthia E. Muñoz, PhD, MPH

Training and enthusiasm will take you places—just ask Cynthia E. Muñoz, 42, who is an assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and a pediatric psychologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Soon after receiving an e-mail about a Los Angeles ADA advocacy training event, she began attending local advocacy committee meetings. Her enthusiasm for the Safe at School program was noticed; she soon found herself chair of the Los Angeles Safe at School committee. She now chairs her local advocacy committee and serves on the community leadership board. This year, she also attended Call to Congress.

Motivation: “Some of my family members have learned to manage diabetes, while others underestimated it and suffered. But that’s why I’m here. It’s their struggle—along with my own personal risk factor—that fuels my fight.”

Encouraging Words: “Whether you have a few minutes to respond to an e-mail Action Alert or a few hours to volunteer or participate in Step Out, Feria de Salud, or Tour de Cure, you can be a Diabetes Advocate. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did!”



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