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Two Types of Workouts Help Obese Teens

young woman on elliptical exercise machine

ferrantraite/Getty Images

Either aerobic or resistance training can help obese teens reduce body fat, but combining the two may be even better. In a 22-week study, 304 obese teens ages 14 to 18 were assigned to four-times-a-week aerobic exercise (using treadmills, elliptical machines, or stationary bikes), resistance training (with weight machines or free weights), both, or neither. All were counseled about healthful eating. Among participants who completed at least 70 percent of the exercise sessions, body fat dropped by 1.2 percent with aerobic exercise, 1.6 with resistance training, and 2.4 with the combination. The results weren’t quite as strong as those seen in a previous study in which the kids were paid to stick to the routines, the researchers note.
Source: JAMA Pediatrics, published online Sept. 22, 2014



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