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Pregnant or Want to Be? Avoid Fried Foods!

fried onion rings in basket


Fried foods are unhealthful for everyone, but especially for women who may want to get pregnant. That’s because new research links fried food with gestational diabetes (high blood glucose during pregnancy), which puts the health of a woman and her infant at risk. The study involved 21,079 pregnant women participating in an ongoing study that regularly asked them about their diet. Over 10 years, women who reported eating fried food seven or more times per week had double the risk for gestational diabetes as those who ate fried foods less than once weekly, even after the researchers adjusted for factors such as body weight and ethnicity. Substances produced in the frying process might be to blame, they say, although the study does not prove cause and effect.
Source: Diabetologia, published online Oct. 8, 2014



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