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Mission Possible!

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director ,
kelly rawlings as a child 1973

Before my diagnosis of diabetes in 1973

My Mom always mentions how ill I appeared before my diabetes diagnosis—that’s me in 1973, at right. I don’t look that bad; I escaped the worst of ’70s fashion excesses.

Historical photos, documents, and other artifacts (glass syringes! Clinitest tablets! Guillotine-style lancing devices!) are showing up at the American Diabetes Association as we ready for a major milestone: our 75th anniversary this year. The Association was founded by 28 physicians in 1940. It remained an organization for health care professionals during its first 30 years. In 1970, the Association welcomed general members. And in the years since, it has grown to include a network of more than 1 million volunteers. Yet diabetes has proven a stubborn foe.

Which is why the Association is taking stock this anniversary year to renew the focus on our mission: to prevent and cure diabetes and make life better for people affected by diabetes.

As part of that “mission possible,” more people than ever need information and support. Our founders foresaw that need. As Association President Russell M. Wilder, MD, described at the Scientific Sessions in 1947:

“Thus, the need arises for a magazine on diabetes, which I suggested should be addressed both to the general practitioner and to the patient, to help the patient help his doctor. ... Its editorial staff presumably will consist primarily of laymen, but professional guidance will be given by a committee of our society. Publication quarterly probably will suffice, but in any case the magazine must sell at a cost that everyone who needs it can afford it.”

Our means and methods may have changed—you can read the magazine any time you want on a brightly glowing screen! Our vision remains steadfast: A life free of diabetes and all of its burdens.

Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type 1
Twitter: @KellyRawlings
*Person with diabetes

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