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Getting Organized: The Launch Pad

By Allison Tsai , ,
keys bag and coat on hooks on front door


To make diabetes care simpler on the go, create a “leaving home” station that keeps health in mind. Stash all of the items family members will need before they leave the house, including gym bags and lunches, at this central location. “It could be at the front door or near the garage—wherever you will see it when you are coming and going from the home,” says Leslie Josel, a professional organizer and coauthor of The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life.


  • To-go bag: Have a portable diabetes kit that can go with you outside of the home, says Josel. The kit should include all diabetes essentials, along with emergency contact numbers, individually portioned snacks, and a checklist of everything in the bag so you can review contents and refill as necessary before leaving.
  • Cheat sheet: If a loved one with diabetes will be spending time with another caregiver, especially if the person with diabetes is a child, create a sheet with instructions for diabetes care. The document should detail how to check blood glucose, dose insulin if necessary, ensure enough carb grams, and what to do in case of emergency, especially for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.


  • Cell service: Preprogram an emergency contact number in your child’s cell phone. For phones with a passcode, use a picture of emergency contacts on an index card as the wallpaper, says Josel. “So if they are disoriented, they don’t have to remember,” she says.


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