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Drinking and Exercise Surge on Weekends

By Miriam E. Tucker ,
young women skiers drinking mugs of beer on ski slope

Aurelie & Mogan David de Lossy/Getty Images

For many people, exercise and alcohol are weekend pursuits. That’s what researchers found when they asked 150 adults to use a smartphone app to record how much exercise they did and how much alcohol they drank every day for 21 days. Regardless of age, participants reported both drinking more alcohol and exercising more on Thursdays through Sundays, and doing less of both Mondays through Wednesdays. It’s possible that people are rewarding themselves for being more physically active by having a couple of drinks. Or it may be a social thing, such as going out for a beer with the buddies after a basketball game. In any case, researchers say, it’s important not to overdo the booze.
Source: Health Psychology, published online Sept. 22, 2014



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