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A Chef Improves Kids’ Lunches

By Miriam E. Tucker , , , ,
asian woman chef giving OK sign with hand


How can a school get kids to choose more healthful options from the lunch menu? Hire a professional chef. In fact, the Chefs Move to Schools program is part of first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. As part of a study to test out the concept, a professional chef volunteered her time and cooked up three types of pizza using a high school kitchen’s own ingredients. The day the chef’s meal was offered, the students chose 16.5 percent more vegetables and 8 percent more fruits and vegetables combined than usual, not counting ingredients on the pizzas. Salad was the top veggie choice, suggesting students may have thought it went well with the chef’s gourmet-style pizza.
Source: Appetite, published online Sept. 29, 2014



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