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Combination Foods

How to fit casseroles, soups, and more into the Diabetes Plate Method

By Lara Hamilton, RD, CDE


A lot of foods are a mix of starch and protein, stacked up or mixed together, so it's not easy how they fit into the Diabetes Plate Method. Lasagna, for example, combines noodles, cheese, meat, and sauce. Tacos are mostly tortillas and ground beef. For combination foods like these, simply fill half of your plate with the combo of meat and starch, and then fill the other half of your plate with nonstarchy vegetables. So add a salad to the lasagna or some peppers, tomatoes, and onions to the tacos.

You may also come across foods that include all three parts of the plate in one dish, such as casseroles and soups. Chili, for example, often includes ground beef (protein), beans (starch), and tomatoes, onions, and peppers (nonstarchy vegetables). In this case, make sure you add plenty of nonstarchy vegetables to your soup or chili, so that the proportions of food in the chili are similar to the plate.

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