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March Together

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director ,

You’re used to this magazine focusing on how those of us living with diabetes and prediabetes can manage our condition and enjoy our best health. Naturally, the pages are filled with information plus inspiration, shared in the supportive embrace of our diabetes community. Now I’m hoping our diabetes community can kick it up a notch.

In your letters, e-mails, and Facebook posts, I see how willing you are to give help and hope to other people affected by diabetes. In March, please join me in focusing that passion on an important initiative: American Diabetes Association Alert Day®. All year—and especially on March 25—the Association urges people to take the type 2 Diabetes Risk Test. You and I personally may not need to take the test. We do know plenty of people who will benefit from it.

The risk test involves simple online questions about age, family history, weight, race, and ethnicity. There’s no finger prick involved; people don’t have to fast for eight hours. It’s an effective tool for helping people realize that they may be more likely to develop prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. With that knowledge, they can take action to fight it. The test results are a great conversation starter for a visit with a health care provider.

You and I know what it means to live with diabetes. That makes us strong and influential in helping people raise their awareness of undiagnosed cases of diabetes and preventing or delaying type 2. Got diabetes? Then you’re my type. At risk for type 2 diabetes? Let’s step out together to stop it.


Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type 1
Twitter: @KellyRawlings
*Person with diabetes

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