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Exercise Pays Off for Folks in Their 60s


No matter how old you are, starting an exercise program increases your chances of staying healthy later in life. Researchers tracked the health and behavior of 3,500 older adults, with an average age of 64, who were disease free at the study’s start. By the end of the eight-year study, 20 percent remained without chronic disease, depression, physical limitations, or mental deficiencies. Participants who exercised at least once a week either moderately or vigorously were three to four times more likely to stay healthy than those who didn’t exercise. People who started to exercise during the study were better off than those who remained sedentary, indicating that it’s never too late to get up and go.
Source: British Journal of Sports Medicine, published online Nov. 25, 2013

Safety Note: Talk to your doctor before making any big change in your exercise plan.



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