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Big Bowls May Promote Overeating


Worried about your kid’s weight? Switch to smaller bowls. Researchers gave a group of preschoolers either 8- or 16-ounce bowls, then served them as much cereal and milk as they asked for. Children who used larger bowls requested 87 percent more cereal than their peers. In another study, the researchers gave elementary-school kids different-sized bowls on two separate days and measured how much cereal and milk they ate via hidden scales within a table. The children asked for 69 percent more cereal and ate 42 percent more of it, on average, when served in a large bowl versus a small one. More food was left uneaten when kids used larger bowls, suggesting small bowls can help cut down on wasted food as well as tame kids’ overeating.
Source: Journal of Pediatrics, published online Nov. 18, 2013



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