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62% in Type 2 Remission With Gastric Bypass

The benefits of weight-loss surgery have staying power, according to a study of 1,738 people with and without diabetes who underwent gastric bypass and 610 who received gastric banding. Three years after surgery, gastric bypass participants had lost an average of 90 pounds, and those who had gastric banding had shed about 44 pounds—32 and 16 percent, respectively, of their weight at the start of the study. The surgery helped with diabetes, too. Of those who had type 2 diabetes before gastric bypass surgery, nearly 62 percent were in remission from the disease at the three-year mark. Among participants who got a gastric band, 27 percent were in diabetes remission. The researchers also saw improvements in participants’ blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Source: The Journal of the American Medical Association, published online Nov. 4, 2013



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