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Step Out by the Numbers

Some facts and figures about the ADA’s annual fund-raising walks

Lace up your sneakers: It’s time to start planning for the 2014 Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes® season! Step Out is one of the American Diabetes Association’s biggest annual fund-raisers, and all it takes to get involved is to sign up and get ready to walk.

The people of Step Out have literally gone the extra mile and produced some impressive numbers. Here are facts and figures to show what they’ve accomplished and to get you in the Step Out spirit.


Last year was huge for Step Out! $24 million raised, including $6.3 million raised online. 110,000 walkers spread over 120 events nationwide

Red Striders

These walkers have diabetes, and they are especially revered at Step Out events. If you want to find a network of other people with diabetes, for friendship, fellowship, and support, becoming a Red Strider® is the way to go! And look what they achieve: 12,800 Red Striders raised $2.7 million in 2013.


These walkers raise $1,000 or more. 2,550 Champions raised $6.1 million in 2013.


There’s strength in numbers! More than 13,500 Step Out teams nationwide raised $10.7 million in 2013.


Step Out has been around for 22 years, but at first it was called Walktoberfest. In 2011, it became Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Ready to become part of that history? Sign up and start or join a team today at diabetes.org/stepout.



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