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Movies Give Kids Mixed Food Messages

DreamWorks Animation/courtesy Everett Collection

Children’s movie preferences may be sending them mixed messages about food, according to a study. Researchers analyzed how eating, exercise, and obesity were treated in 20 G- and PG-rated blockbusters released between 2006 and 2010. The message sent to kids was confusing: While scenes with unhealthy behaviors outnumbered those with healthy messages by 2 to 1, nearly a third of the movies condemned obesity. For instance, 75 percent of the movies portrayed unhealthy snacks, and over half showed supersized portions and sugary drinks. But those same films made fun of fat, such as the Kung Fu master in Kung Fu Panda who scolds the main character for his “fat butt! Flabby arms! And this ridiculous belly!”
Source: Obesity, published online Dec. 6, 2013



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