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Does Losing Pounds Mean Better Sex?

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Here’s one more reason to exercise and lose weight: It may improve your sex life. Overweight and obese women with both type 2 diabetes and sexual dysfunction reported a boost in libido after completing a yearlong weight-loss program, researchers say. High rates of sexual dysfunction have been observed in women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. At the start of this study, half of the 229 sexually active women met the criteria for sexual dysfunction, a condition that may include low sexual desire, problems in becoming aroused or achieving orgasm, or pain associated with sex. Women in the weight-loss group aimed to lose 10 percent of their body weight by following a calorie- and fat-restricted eating plan and increasing physical activity. By year’s end, women in the program lost 17 pounds on average, and 28 percent of them reported full remission of sexual dysfunction, compared with 11 percent in a group that didn’t try to lose weight (and lost about a pound on average). Weight loss was associated with better sex.
Source: Diabetes Care, October 2013



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