Diabetes Forecast

Consumer Guide 2014

Your guide to 180 tools for living well with diabetes, plus a look at new health technology on the horizon


Ted Morrison

Top Tech on the Horizon
7 products-to-be offer a look at what’s coming in diabetes care

Different Ages, Different Devices
3 generations of women with diabetes on how they manage their diabetes

App Happy
Readers pass along favorite smartphone health apps

Blood Glucose Meters 2014
Will meters be more accurate? And getting the most from what you have

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Ketone Test Strips 2014
Use a quick test to avoid dangerous diabetic ketoacidosis

Continuous Glucose Monitors 2014
Is the trend your friend? A CGM tracks blood glucose ups and downs

Insulin Pumps 2014
These devices are the closest thing to a pancreas—so far

Infusion Sets 2014
How to choose the kind of insulin delivery that’s right for you

Insulin Pens 2014
They bring grab-and-go convenience to taking shots

Aids for Insulin Users 2014
15 tools to make life with injections a little easier

Diabetes Innovators 2014
Rick Admani, Rachael Jacques, and Renee Tobias swear by their products

Glucose Products 2014
Sweet gels, tablets, liquids, and bits for treating lows efficiently

Insulins Used in the United States
Rapid-acting, long-acting, and more types of insulin provide tailor-made blood glucose control.

Oral Drugs for Type 2
Find the medication that’s right for you among the many that are available.



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