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Readers pass along favorite smartphone health apps

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I track my glucose readings and can check out daily high, low, and average on a graph. It’s nice to easily spot trends.
Andy Benkert

Smartphone apps are everywhere, but finding one that gets the job done can sometimes seem like mission impossible. That’s why we asked you to share your favorite applications for logging blood glucose results, counting carbs, recording exercise, and losing weight. Read on for your top picks.

  Glucose Buddy

 “I track my glucose readings and can check out daily high, low, and average on a graph. It’s nice to easily spot trends. Good iPhone app, and even more features (exportable reports) on the Web version. Since my phone is (almost) always with me, so is my Glucose Buddy!” —Andy Benkert
 Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

  Diabetes Companion (by mySugr)

 “It has challenges to make keeping track of your blood sugar fun; an easy way to input readings with the food that you eat, how you are feeling, what activity you are doing, etc. It then plots the readings on a graph and gives you a seven-day average with how many episodes of hypoglycemia    or hyperglycemia. You can also easily transfer the data to a PDF with the touch of a button so you can print the information and take it to your doctor’s appointment. It makes managing diabetes fun!” —Michelle Pratt Yeater
Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

  Diabetes App

 “I use Diabetes App by BHI Technologies. In addition to tracking my carbs, I can also log in medications, activity, glucose readings, other nutritional information,and weight. It has a wide range of foods and also allows you to enter ‘custom’ foods. It is especially helpful when I have a change in medications/insulin and can spot trends quickly.” —Linda Bachman
$6.99 for Apple devices.

  Calorie King

 “Calorie King is a godsend. It allows us to weigh my son’s food and look up the carbs wherever we are. The counts are often more accurate than [those] in the restaurant menu or on food packaging, giving us better control over his high and low blood glucose readings.” —Patti Eamon-Willis
Calorie King Food Search: free and available for Apple devices. Calorie King ControlMyWeight Calorie Counter: $4.99 and available for Apple devices. Calorie King Create-a-Meal: free and available for Android devices.

  Strava Cycling

 “I upload all my bike rides tracked via my Garmin Edge 510 to Strava [Cycling], where my support group (friends and acquaintances) can cheer me on or hold me accountable. I have Strava set up to auto-post to Facebook so more friends can see what I’m doing. There is a competitive element to Strava as well, which further motivates me to keep active and reach for goals.” —Mark Stripes
Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

  Fitter Fitness Calculator

 “Fitter Fitness Calculator keeps track of my BMI and weight loss (58 pounds to date since February!).” —Nieves Elisa Duncan
Free. Available for Apple devices.


 “GoMeals app has all the restaurants’ carbs and all nutrition facts. It finds your location on your phone and shows you all the menus for the restaurants in your immediate area. Great to have on hand.” —Ellen Mcraven-Haakma
Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

  South Beach Diet App

 “Even though I’m not strictly on the South Beach Diet, I log my food intake with calories and carbs on the South Beach Diet App.” —Lorrie Meyers-Chapman
Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.


 “I use the dLife app multiple times per day for logging my blood glucose readings as well as nutritional info if needed, and I use Strava to track my cycling and running time mileage.” —Grant Boschert
dLife: free and available for Apple devices. Strava: free and available for Apple and Android devices.


 “I use Sparkpeople [Diet & Food Tracker] to track my calories, carbs, protein, fat, weight, and blood glucose readings. Helps me stay on track with both my diabetes and my weight loss.” —Pat Scheck
$3.99 for Apple and Android devices. Free for BlackBerry devices.

My Medical

 “My Medical to keep track of blood work and general health. [Diabetes Companion by] mySugr to keep me interested in my day-to-day tracking. MyNetDiary to keep track of meals and foods. There is some duplication on some things, but I find that between all three I can cover everything I need and see what effects different foods, times, and activities have on my blood glucose and overall health.” —Russ Long
My Medical: $3.99 for Apple devices and $1.99 for Android devices. Diabetes Companion by mySugr: free and available for Apple devices. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter and Food Diary: free for Apple devices, $4.99 for Windows devices, free for BlackBerry with $5-per-month membership in MyNetDiary online. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter Pro: $3.99 for Android devices, iPhone, and iPod; $9.99 for iPad.

How many health apps are on your smartphone? Let us know! E-mail us at replyall@diabetes.org.


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