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Holiday Celebrations Coast to Coast

Recipe by Robyn Webb, MS, LN; photograph by Kyle Dreier; styling by Whitney Kemp

There's something delicious for everyone in this collection. Enjoy the seasonal harvest of wild rice, cherries, and pumpkin from the Midwest. Turn to the West Coast for fresh and natural sides with a hint of heat and exotic Asian flavors. Savor the traditional bounty of apples, nuts, and quick bread from the Northeast. And linger over silky greens kissed with bacon, lima beans, and spicy sweet potatoes inspired by the South. Just add turkey and your favorite dessert for a meal to remember

Midwest-Inspired Recipes

Mixed Greens and Cranberry Salad

Pumpkin Bisque

Wild Rice and Cherry Pilaf

West Coast–Inspired Recipes

Four Herb– and Garlic-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Chili-Roasted Shallots and Brussels Sprouts

Mandarin Orange Salad With Asian Dressing

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Northeast-Inspired Recipes

Apple-Walnut Salad

Skillet Caraway Cornbread

Red Onion Green Beans

South-Inspired Recipes

Lima Bean and Andouille Sausage Skillet

Holiday Collard Greens

Spiced Sweet Potato Casserole



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