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By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director , ,

When you see that November is American Diabetes Month®, what’s your reaction? Perhaps you think, “Every month is diabetes month for me,” or “It’s a great time for raising awareness about diabetes prevention and care.” I tend to have both thoughts.

You already may be aware of the statistics: As of 2012, there were 29.1 million people in the United States with diabetes, 8.1 million of whom were undiagnosed. It’s estimated that 86 million Americans over age 20 have prediabetes and are at risk for developing type 2. We don’t exactly know how many people live with type 1 (learn more at "New Type 1 Treatment Guidelines for All Ages"). So the focus during November on our shared condition and its threat to so many others is an emphasis that I welcome.

Part of the message is one of hope: Thanks to research, best practices, and determined effort, many people are living long, healthy lives with diabetes, and we’re seeing fewer complications. Some people at risk for type 2 diabetes can prevent or at least delay it with weight loss and activity. Inspirational people—including mentor David Boyles and the Rochester, New York, former Tour de Cure® volunteer cochair and list-maker Dan Hirst—pump us up with their enthusiastic yet realistic attitudes toward staying healthy and achieving dreams. On the flip side, another important component to American Diabetes Month is that diabetes is serious and deserves serious attention.

November is for and about you and all of the people out there who already know diabetes—or need to know about it. Pretty much everyone, in other words. Please encourage people to talk about, learn about, and do something about diabetes in the weeks to come. Make November a month to remember.

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