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People to Know 2014

The diabetes all-stars on our radar


If you’ve ever doubted the inherent coolness of the diabetes community, take a look around. You’ll see entertainers, advocates, athletes, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians. You’ll find scientists, inventors, and community organizers. They climb the tallest mountains, address Congress, invent tools that make living with diabetes easier, and research for a cure.

Just as remarkable are the men and women featured on the following pages. As varied as their professions may be, there’s a unifying factor: All are making lives better for people with diabetes. They’re creating a community, raising awareness and funds, working on prevention, and inspiring others with lives well lived.

Read on for their extraordinary stories, written by other noteworthy people in the diabetes world.

Debbie Allen, Actress, Choreographer, and Dancer

Dana Ball, Patient-Centered Research Advocate

Brandy Barnes, Community Builder

Phoebe Boone, Rugby Player, U.S. Women's National Team

Sean Duffy, Tech Wiz

Daniel Lorber, MD, FACP, CDE, Diabetes Advocate

Stephen Parker, PhD, Diabetes Researcher

Tom Reed, Legislator

Leticia Moreinos Schwartz, Chef

Derek Theler, Actor

Rachel Tobin, Entrepreneur

A Chat With Derek Theler

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