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It's Who You Know

By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director , ,

I wear my insulin pump on my waistband (literally) and my passion for diabetes advocacy on my sleeve (so to speak). This issue’s cover star, Sierra Sandison, raised some unexpected diabetes awareness when she clipped her pump to her bikini bottom during the Miss Idaho pageant in July. We had to send this issue to the printer before the Miss America competition, but we know Sandison is a winner no matter how she placed in that pageant.

We have additional friends—some well known, others new on the scene—lined up for you in the “People to Know 2014” article. They include athletes, entertainers, community organizers, researchers, entrepreneurs, advocates, educators, and more. They’re all focused on inspiring, encouraging, and making life better for people with diabetes.

Beyond inspiration, you’ll find information, especially in the expanded Your Food section. We have recipes, of course. Plus photo spreads of a full day of healthful eating. And we visit the topic of meal replacements, which can make portion and calorie control for losing weight and keeping it off a bit easier.

One of the things readers say quite often is that they feel­—or have at times felt—like they’re alone when it comes to dealing with diabetes. After reading these pages, you’ll be equipped with more information and a few more friends.


Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type 1
Twitter: @KellyRawlings
*Person with diabetes

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