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Helping Kids Eat More Whole Grains

2 stacked granola bars

Baiba Opule/Thinkstock

If you give middle school students healthful whole-grain foods, they’ll eat them. In a six-week study, researchers gave 83 middle schoolers ages 11 to 15 foods containing either whole grains or less-healthy refined grains. The kids were asked to eat at least three of the foods each day. Children given the whole grains tripled the amount that they were eating prior to the study, while the refined-grain group ate one fourth the amount of whole grains. The most popular whole-grain choices included cereal or granola bars, whole wheat bread, and whole-grain chips. The less-healthful grain choices included white bread and instant white rice.
Source: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, published online June 23, 2014



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