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Gestational Diabetes Affects 1 in 20 Pregnancies

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,
pregnant woman in white sweatpants holding stomach

The number of pregnant women in the United States with gestational diabetes in 2010 could be as high as 9.2 percent or as low as 4.6 percent depending on how the information was collected, researchers say. The good news: Rates haven’t changed since 2007, so gestational diabetes isn’t on the rise. Still, even if the lower estimate is correct, it means that gestational diabetes affects nearly 1 in 20 pregnancies, placing these women at greater risk for complications during delivery and for diabetes later in life. The lower number comes from birth certificates, which don’t always include information about the mother’s gestational diabetes. The higher estimate is based on answers to a questionnaire distributed to pregnant women by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Source: Preventing Chronic Disease, published June 19, 2014



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