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By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director ,

Have you ever received a homework assignment graded by the teacher and decorated with constructive comments—a smiley face here, a “please explain” request there? I still receive that kind of feedback, although without the grades! Each month, the Diabetes Forecast Reader Panel members mark up pages and make comments that they share with the magazine’s editorial team. They read articles before you do to make sure the information is clear, interesting, and relevant to life with diabetes.

While we prepared this issue, for example, reader panel member Claudia Pollet, MD, MPH, encouraged us to refine the captions for the illustrations about how insulin pumps work.

Panelist Anne Doyle reminded us why stories about people thriving with diabetes—such as modern dancer James Samson on the cover—are so important. “I love to read about people living their lives successfully with diabetes,” Doyle writes. “I tell my daughters they can do whatever they want to do.” And Kimberly Tiedman suggested we should do a story in a future issue about how fatty foods affect blood glucose levels. Noted!

Of course, you don’t have to be a reader panel member to tell us what you think about the magazine and what’s important in your journey with diabetes. Thank you for the suggestions you send us by letter, e-mail, social media, and comments on our reader survey. As always, read some of those in Reply All. Please don’t be shy—about taking care of your health or telling us what you think.


Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type 1
Twitter: @KellyRawlings
*Person with diabetes

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