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Factors Affecting A1Cs in Type 1 Kids

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,

Fewer than a third of young people with type 1 diabetes worldwide are achieving diabetes control targets. But there are many opportunities for improvement, researchers found in a 20-country study of nearly 6,000 youth ages 8 to 25. Two-thirds were receiving intensive insulin therapy with either injections or pumps, yet 72 percent of all participants were not achieving target A1C levels (less than 7.5 percent for kids 18 and under and less than 7 percent for those ages 19 to 25). What helps young people hit their goals? Insulin pump therapy, more than three blood glucose checks a day, carbohydrate counting, and exercising 30 minutes or more per week. Diabetes control also improved when parents were involved in day-to-day care.
Source: American Diabetes Association's 74th annual Scientific Sessions, June 2014



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