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Diabetes Education From Pharmacists Improves Blood Glucose Levels

By Miriam E. Tucker ,
african american female pharmacist and customer

Ariel Skelley/Glow Images

Pharmacists who provide diabetes education are cost-efficient resources who can successfully help patients achieve their treatment goals, researchers say. Eighty-five people with A1C levels of more than 8 percent—the general goal is under 7 percent for this measure of blood glucose control—spent an hour at a diabetes medical management clinic at least three times over the course of six months. Sessions were led by a pharmacist who was also a certified diabetes educator. Participants’ A1C levels dropped 2.4 percentage points on average, compared with a drop of just 0.2 percentage points among patients treated by primary care physicians. At three years, researchers projected that the A1C improvements would lead to a savings of $9,104 per patient, with a savings of $7.81 for every dollar spent on the pharmacist intervention.
Source: American Diabetes Association’s 74th annual Scientific Sessions, June 2014



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