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Canola Oil May Improve Blood Glucose Levels

By Miriam E. Tucker ,
small clear bottle of canola oil

Elena Elisseeva/Thinkstock

Foods containing canola oil can help in diabetes management and heart disease prevention, researchers found. A total of 141 adults with type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to diets that included either canola oil–enriched whole wheat bread or plain whole wheat bread. After three months, participants who ate the canola oil–enriched bread lowered their A1C levels (a measure of average blood glucose control over the previous two to three months) by an average of 0.47 percentage points, compared with 0.31 percentage points for the plain bread group. The greatest A1C improvement—0.62 percentage points—was seen among individuals with higher blood pressure. 
Source: Diabetes Care, published online June 14, 2014 (Note: Study was funded in part by the Canola Council of Canada.)



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