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Weight-Loss Program Improves A1C

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A study of a weight-loss program that requires the purchase of meals suggests the program can assist in diabetes management, too. Nearly 230 overweight and obese participants with type 2 diabetes were assigned to one of three groups: weekly diet and exercise counseling combined with either lower-fat or lower-carb Jenny Craig meals, or usual care, which included two counseling sessions and monthly follow up. All participants started with about the same average A1C. After a year, people who followed the lower-carb Jenny Craig diet had an average A1C (a measure of blood glucose control) of 6.6 percent, compared with 7.2 percent for lower-fat dieters and 7.5 percent for the usual care group. (Note: The study was funded by Jenny Craig.)
Source: Diabetes Care, published online April 23, 2014



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