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Is Longevity With Type 1 Tied to Certain Blood Cells?

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,

What’s the secret to a long life with type 1 diabetes? Certain blood cells involved in blood vessel repair could play a role, researchers say. Blood samples from 172 people who have had diabetes for 50 years or more contained the same amount of these cells as did the blood of 83 of their peers without diabetes. The long-timers, who participated as Joslin Diabetes Center 50-Year Medalists, had 10 percent more of the blood cells than did a group of younger people with type 1 diabetes and 20 percent more than peers with type 2 diabetes. Medalists without kidney damage or heart disease had more of these cells than those with the complications. A lower count of the blood cells was not linked, however, to vision problems or nerve damage.
Source: Diabetes Care, published online April 29, 2014



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