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Exercise Before Meals Improves Blood Glucose

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,

For better blood glucose management, sneak in a short workout before meals. In a study, nine adults at risk for type 2 diabetes performed one-minute bursts of intense walking and/or resistance band exercises alternating with one-minute rests for a total of 12 minutes, timing this exercise to be 30 minutes before each meal. On different study days, they took 30-minute, less-intense walks once daily, a half hour before the evening meal. Each exercise program was preceded by a day of regular activity. The short bursts of exercise lowered blood glucose levels compared with the previous day by about 18 mg/dl after breakfast and 9 ­mg/dl after the evening meal, whereas the longer walk didn’t lower post-meal levels. Even 24 hours later, average blood glucose levels were about 11 mg/dl lower after days with the brief exercise than after the longer-walk days.  
Source: Diabetologia, published online May 8, 2014


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