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Yogurt Eaters Less Likely to Develop Diabetes

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,

Eating low-fat yogurt may cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study found. Researchers asked 4,255 healthy adults ages 45 to 74 to fill out seven-day food diaries. Over the next 11 years, those who initially reported eating any low-fat yogurt were 35 percent less likely to develop diabetes, although this type of study doesn’t prove cause and effect. What’s more, eating yogurt at the start of the study instead of less nutritious snacks such as cake, pudding, or potato chips resulted in a 47 percent lower diabetes risk. After taking other lifestyle and health factors into account, researchers say the benefit may have to do with yogurt’s “good bacteria” or simply that low-fat yogurt satisfies the appetite with fewer calories.     
Source: Diabetologia, published online Feb. 5, 2014



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