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Training New Advocates: Katherine “Kitty” Koffer, PharmD, CDE


Katherine "Kitty" Koffer, PharmD, CDE

Age: 56

Location: Malvern, Pa.

She’s an assistant professor at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and an active Safe at School advocate.

How she started: Koffer was looking for a way to teach pharmacy students nontraditional ways of providing community care. In doing so, she heard horror stories: Some kids weren’t allowed to test their blood glucose levels at school or had to eat their lunch in the nurse’s office. She heard about the ADA’s Safe at School program and immediately signed up for advocacy training. Now she gives Safe at School presentations across the country and has presented Legal Advocacy 101 webinars to train new advocates.

Encouraging words: “Think of your expertise and your life experiences, and how helpful it would be to share those. Don’t think that any little bit of insecurity is really an obstacle to your success in becoming an advocate. It makes you want to learn more, and the ADA’s going to provide that.”



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