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By Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Direcotr ,

With each fresh batch of stories in Diabetes Forecast, I marvel at how much we know about diabetes, how much we don’t, and the creative ways people deal with this condition.  

Just think about the factors that NASCAR driver Ryan Reed and his endocrinologist manage in order to keep Reed safely at peak performance in his adrenaline-pumping sport. You may be aware of the American Diabetes Association Drive to Stop Diabetes message that’s part of the paint scheme of car No. 16. Have you noticed the target on the thigh of Reed’s suit? Our article NASCAR Driver Ryan Reed Tackles Type 1 Diabetes will clue you in.

Such planning and preparation is something we write about often at Diabetes Forecast to stay one step ahead of diabetes. One immediate danger that I hope is on your radar is low blood glucose, a danger for people on certain types of diabetes medications. Research is starting to show us which people are at most danger of severe lows. Armed with that knowledge, we can focus our efforts on avoiding severe hypoglycemia and the costs that go along with it. If you use insulin or certain types of diabetes medication, such as sulfonylureas, our article on defeating lows offers important ways to protect yourself.

And then, think about protecting others. It’s enough that we have to poke ourselves for blood sugar checks and injecting medicine—other people shouldn’t feel the accidental ouch or experience the health hazards of coming into contact with our used lancets and syringes. We show you how to make a do-it-yourself sharps holder that safely contains such biohazard waste until you can properly dispose of it. Proper disposal is tricky because it varies by location, but we offer some suggestions on how to find out the rules for your area.

Thank you for taking good care of yourself and others.


Kelly Rawlings, PWD* type 1
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*Person with diabetes

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