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Safe at School Champion: Robb Wilson, RPh

Robb Wilson, RPh

Robb Wilson, RPh

Age: 58

Harrisburg, Pa.

He’s a pharmacist and the advocacy chair of his local ADA office, and has attended Call to Congress: Stop Diabetes, a biennial event in which Diabetes Advocates meet with members of Congress and their staffs in Washington, D.C., to promote legislation that makes life better for people with diabetes. He lives with type 2 diabetes, managing it with exercise, weight loss, oral medications, and a meal plan.

How he started: Wilson’s grandchildren, Audrey and Ben Wierzbicki, were both diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 2. It inspired Wilson to get involved with the Association, and “it changed my whole career,” he says. He got involved with the Diabetes Ten City Challenge, a community pharmacy health management program for patients with diabetes, where he learned about the ADA’s Advanced School Advocacy Training program. He attended a session and hasn’t looked back. As the advocacy chair in Harrisburg, Wilson is the go-to guy for the advocacy issues in his area, in particular the Safe at School® campaign.

Encouraging words: “You can really make a difference by advocating. You see results: You can see people getting treated correctly. And there’s nothing more exhilarating than working on something and seeing results.”

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