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Make Your Own Sharps Container

Turn a common recyclable into a safe, affordable holder for syringes and more

Make Your Own Sharps Container

A laundry detergent bottle is the best common household product to use for do-it-yourself sharps disposal. It should have a screw-on lid. Clearly label the container “Sharps. Biohazard. Do Not Recycle.” Add sharps to the container until it’s two-thirds full, then screw on the lid tightly and seal with heavy-duty tape, such as duct tape. Dispose of the container as directed by your local regulations.

Container Disposal

Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or local government sanitation department about disposal options. They may include mail-back programs, special waste pickup services, syringe exchange programs, a drop box or supervised collection site, at-home needle destruction devices, and hazardous waste disposal.

Warning Sign

The biohazard image above, found on commercial containers, indicates to anyone who may come in contact with a container to be extra careful.

How to Trash Your Sharps



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